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Online course on the new FSC COC Standard for Multi-Site and Group certification

This online course takes you through the most recent version of the FSC Standard FSC-STD-40-003, presenting requirements ...

L'utilizzo Corretto dei Marchi FSC da Parte delle Aziende Certificate FSC-STD-50-001

Il corso si basa sul contenuto della versione valida della norma FSC-STD-50-001. Il corso presenta anche degli esempi di ...

FSC COC Webinar BV

Webinar on selected aspects relatting to the FSC COC Normative Framework. Participation upon invitation. Webinar d ...

Online FSC Chain of Custody Industry Course

This course covers all the FSC CoC standards that are relevant to the company – there is no need to work through s ...

Online RSB Training updates

This package of courses provides training updates to qualified RSB Auditors or Consultants, who have already completed a ...

Assurance and sustainability training courses

Currently, several auditor courses are available, mainly on the FSC and RSB Standards

ASTRA Academy is building on the extensive training experience of its predecessor company, AB Training, and its training offer helps trainee and qualified auditors, consultants and industry representatives to several sustainability standards to improve their knowledge, skills and attitude required for auditing, consulting or implementing requirements relating to these standards.

Based on a decade-long training experience, ASTRA Academy is offering several "blended" courses, consisting in an online course on our user-friendly e-learning platform, followed by a face-to-face course.

For trainees interested only in learning about sustainability standards at a more general level, online course can deliver the required theoretical background and knowledge. However, only the completion of the "blended" courses can ensure compliance with the requirements of the FSC and RSB schemes for the training part of the auditor qualification process.

Upon request, our courses are also available as face-to-face training.

Such training courses can be developed to correspond to the interests of our clients. Examples of such courses include:


Introduction to FSC and its certification system; Introduction to RSB and its certification system
Auditing techniques; Requirements for auditors and good practice.
Stakeholder consultation in certification to sustainability standards (FSC or RSB).
Social issues in certification to sustainability standards.
Health and safety requirements in certification to FSC standards.
The FSC chain of custody and controlled wood standards.

Development of international standards (Principles, Criteria and Indicators); standard adaptation to local conditions.

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Course Course Type Flyer € Price Northern countries * € Price Southern countries ** Online Registration
FSC Forest Management Lead Auditor Blended; Face-to-face: 3 days >
            <td>FSC 1200 950 Register now
FSC Chain of Custody Lead Auditor Blended; F-2-F: 2 days FSC Chain of Custody Lead Auditor 990 850 Register now
RSB Lead Auditor Blended; F-2-F: 2.5 days RSB Lead Auditor 1100 1100 Register now
The correct use of the FSC Trademarks (FSC-STD-50-001), in various languages Online The correct use of the FSC Trademarks (FSC-STD-50-001), in various languages 190 150 Register now

Auditing techniques: ISO 19011 Guideline, course for Auditors to FSC Standards

Blended: F-2-F: 1.5 days Auditing techniques: ISO 19011 Guideline; course for Auditors to FSC Standards 750 600 Register now
FSC Forest Management Lead Auditor Online   950 700 Register now
FSC Chain of Custody Lead Auditor Online   550 400 Register now
RSB Lead Auditor Online   550 550 Register now
FSC Forest Management Lead Auditor Face-to-Face: 5 days   1200 900 Contact us
FSC Chain of Custody Lead Auditor Face-to-Face: 4 days   550 400 Register now
High Conservation Value Assessor Course Blended: F-2-F: 2 days High Conservation Value Assessor Course 950 750 Register now
Consultancy on standards development, auditing, accreditations     Rates on request Rates on request Contact us


* Northern countries: Andorra, Australia, Bahamas, Brunei, Canada, Equatorial Guinea, European Union (except Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Romania), Hong Kong, Iceland, Israel, Japan, Kuwait, Liechtenstein, Monaco, New Zealand, Norway, Qatar, San Marino, Saudi Arabia, Seychelles, Singapore, South Korea, Switzerland, Taiwan, Trinidad & Tobago, United Arab Emirates, USA and Vatican City State.
** Southern countries: all other countries.